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Maintenance & Servicing

We carry out: -

Spring commissioning


Holiday servicing

Chemical analysis

Commissioning your pool: -

After a long winter your swimming pool can look very neglected, we can get your pool in the best possible order for the summer season ahead.

We would: -

Remove the winter debris cover

Sweep the surround (Power washing can be arranged)

Brush the tile band and walls

Replace ladders

Leaf net debris on the surface

Re-connect the filtration equipment

Backwash and rinse the filter

Vacuum the pool

Shock dose the pool water if necessary

Ensure everything is in full working order

Test the water balance

Put your solar cover on the pool

Report any defects found

Winterising your swimming pool: -

At the end of your swimming season when the pool is no longer required we can winterise the pool and equipment for you.

We would: -

Remove the solar cover

Sweep the surround

Brush the tile band and walls

Remove ladders

Leaf net debris on the surface

Vacuum the pool

Lower the water level

Backwash and rinse the filter

Disconnect and drain the filtration/heating equipment

Shock dose the pool and add winterising fluid

Ensure everything is turned off for the winter

Put your winter cover on the pool

Report any defects found

Power washing: -

Is your pool surround and coping stones looking dirty and grimy after the winter? If you have a pressure washer, is it man enough for the job? We can remove dirt and grime with our POWERFUL pressure washers. 

Our service team is ready for your call.

For competitive and up to date price please contact us today.

Renovations & Repairs

We undertake all types of renovations and repairs whether it is a small leak or a total makeover.

We carry out:

Leak detection & repairs

Replacement skimmers, lights and pool fittings

Liner changes and repairs

Concrete pool re-linings

Pool mosaic repairs & new mosaic linings

Replacement coping stones

Replacement pipework

New filtration & filter media replacement

New heating systems

Automatic pool cleaning equipment

Chemical dosing systems

Safety cover installations

Updating electrical systems

Automatic safety covers fitted

Renovated pools:

Is your pool looking tired and unloved?

We can give your tired old swimming pool a total makeover making it look like new. Or we can rejuvenate the old heating or filtration system, add in more skimmers, lights, inlets etc. to enhance the filtration's performance. You may just want to make your pool more eco-friendly by eliminating the use of chlorine or a more cost effective heating system, the options are endless. For a totally free site survey contact us for an evaluation of your pool and equipment.

For a competitive quotation contact us today.

Liner Changes

Depending on pH control and general care, your liner has a life span of around 10-15 years. At the end of this life not only does the colour fade and stains appear, it becomes very brittle. This can lead to a catastrophic failure and water loss when you least expect it. We can replace your tired old liner and have the pool re-filling usually within one to two days of emptying. There are many different colours and patterns to choose from, some examples are shown below.

Our liners are made to ISO 9001 standards by a leading liner manufacturer. All pool liners are made to order and usually take approximately 10 working days from ordering to dispatch. We will then arrange a convenient date with you to install it.

Carrying out a liner change is not a job for the faint hearted and there is more to it than you may expect, as you may have to overcome many problems from a damaged liner lock, cracks in the pool, damaged floor screeds, faulty fittings and dealing with a high water table. Once the new liner has been fitted it will be too late to rectify any problems and the pool may leak, so let us get it right for you the first time. Whilst changing your liner we fully inspect the interior condition of the pool walls and floor screed, all pool fittings, face plates, gaskets and liner lock. We then report any defects found and carry out any necessary repairs at your request giving you a totally professional service.

With well over a 1000 liner changes to our credit and 38 years swimming pool experience you can expect the best possible service. All pool liners carry a five year pro-rata guarantee. We have seen many poorly fitted liners over the years, and are often called in to rectify faults when the fitter will not return. So please do it right first time, call us today.

Standard pool liners are 0.5mm or 20 thou thick

De-Luxe pool liners are 0.75mm or 30 thou thick

Both carry a 5 year pro-rata warranty

Extreme pool liners are 1.5mm thick and carry a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

Link to the Extreme liner site:

New liner colours and patterns available every year: -

For competitive and up to date price on a liner change please contact us today.

Filtration & Circulation


The pools filtration is the heart of your system. If it is undersized or so old it cannot cope with the task, you will be wasting your time trying to keep the pool clean and clear. To keep the pool crystal clear the filtration should be sized to cope with your pool's actual size and position in your garden. A lot of pools are built with inadequate equipment just to save a few pounds. We will be happy to visit and report on your system and the possible alternatives available.

"Did you know your filter media (sand) should be changed every 5 years"

When was your pool filter media last changed?

It should be every 5 years if not it will be full of rotting matter, hair, skin and dead insects etc. Not a nice thought is it? It does not cost much for a filter media change so please call us in. A clean filter requires less backwashing which saves on heating, chemicals and time. Water is too precious to waste. If you have an old pool with a small filter you should consider replacing it with a more up to date larger filter. This will not only hold more debris, but give you better filtration and require less backwashing, plus save on chemical use.

Automatic backwashing:

We can automate your filters backwashing by fitting a motorised automatic backwash valve. These auto-valves can be retro fitted to most filters by us cutting out yet another time consuming job for you.

Valve functions:

Filter, backwash, rinse and waste.

Automatic backwash and rinse in the event of over pressure.

Pump stops when changing functions.

Valve programming: Conventional filtration, control box and backwash rinse, waste - control panel.

Optional weekly backwash.

1.5" or 2" multi-port valve, side or top mount versions.


Is your pool pump noisy, does it prime within a few minutes, is it leaking water over the floor and is the power connection safe? If you have any problems we can help by repairing or replacing your tired pump. If your pump is undersized it will need to run for a longer filtration period wasting electric and causing excessive wear on the system. A larger pump may also help with vacuuming the pool creating greater suction so reducing time spent cleaning. Please do not forget that pool pumps are mostly 240 volts so check that it is safe and correctly earth protected, if not you may be in for a shock!

For a free quotation on any equipment please contact us today.

Pool water purification

Had enough of testing your pool water, mixing chemicals and constant dosing ? Is it a bit hit or miss! Is your pool green or hazy most of the time? Are you spending too much on chemicals and shock dosing? Would you like to just walk up to you pool and dive in without any concern about the pool chemistry? Well you can, because we can install an automatic dosing system to suit your needs. There are alternatives to using just chlorine, we can supply and install any of the following systems to make life easier for you:-

Manual Chlorine or Bromine feeders

Ionic purifiers

Blue Crystal or Baquacil

Salt water chlorinators

Ozone generators


Automatic pH control

Automatic Chlorine control

Fully automatic pH and sanitiser dosing systems that are constantly monitored and maintained by us 365 days of the year

Just some alternatives in order of cost:

Basic chlorine and pH control

If you look after the pool chemistry you will know the difficulties with manually adjusting the chlorine and pH levels. How much do you add? It is usually too much or too little? If you add too little the pool may go green and if you add too much the levels will still be uncomfortably high or low. If the correct sanitiser and pH levels are maintained you will not only save money on chemicals but your pool water will stay fresh and inviting.



Swimming pool heating:

Realistically, in this country, all swimming pools whether above or in ground, need heating to obtain the maximum use from the summer season. Having a pool in your garden may be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but unless the pool feels warm and inviting, the pool will not be used to full potential.

Solar heating:

Heat your pool in all conditions:

JetSolar SS20 EVT is the most efficient swimming pool heating technology available. Traditional methods to heat swimming pool water require natural gas, propane or electricity and encounter ongoing operating costs. These costs over a 10-year period can double or even triple the installed cost of the unit. JetSolar's SS20 EVT costs the same as most new gas heaters or heat pump installs and run for FREE.

The tube within a tube design of the SS20 is an inherently more efficient design than other systems available at its price. The inner tube has a special selective coating that is black on the outside and a mirror finish on the inside. The sun’s radiation is attracted naturally to the coating and is transferred directly to the pool water inside the inner tube. The mirror finish traps the radiation, allowing the absorption of all the available heat. The outer tube insulates the heated water from outside temperatures. Other solar products on the market only use the concept of a black tube absorbing the radiation, leaving nothing to protect heat from being lost due to low ambient temperatures. No matter how cold the outside temperature or cloudy the sky, the SS20 will produce heat.

Heat pumps:

What does a heat pump do?

Why choose a Heat Pump to heat your swimming pool?

As fuel prices increase, it’s important that you choose the most cost effective and energy efficient method of heating your pool. Heat pumps consumes less than one-fifth of the electricity of conventional pool water heaters. The efficiency of Heat Pumps is measured by a “coefficient of performance” (C.O.P) Most Heat Pumps produce a C.O.P of approximately 5; for every 1kw of electricity consumed, then they will generate 5kw of heat for your pool water, remarkable when you consider that the most efficient electric and gas heaters produce less than 1kw of heating for every 1kw consumed. The capital outlay of purchasing a Heat Pump has, in the past, been higher than other methods of heating swimming pool water. As Heat Pump technology has gained in popularity the cost of the equipment has reduced. It is now possible to buy a quality swimming pool Heat Pump at an affordable price.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps offer an exceptionally efficient and cost effective means of heating pool water. Household refrigerators and air conditioning systems have utilised this technology for decades. A Heat Pump simply extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the pool water. An integral fan draws air through an evaporator, heat from the airflow is captured by the gas flowing through the evaporator. Having extracted the heat from the air, the heat captured by the refrigerant is condensed and transferred to the passing pool water via the heat exchanger. Heat pump technology is reliable, environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective.

Remember an old inefficient pool heater will waste energy and cost more in the long run. We are happy to inspect and consult on you current heating system and suggest alternatives to save you energy and reduce your carbon footprint.​

For competitive and up to date price on any pool heating system please contact us today.

Pool covers

Remember that any cover is better than no cover at all and even the most basic will drastically reduce your heating bill, evaporation and chemical use.

Solar covers.

Foam indoor covers.

Heatsavr liquid pool cover system.

Bar covers.

Automatic key operated safety covers.

Automatic floating slatted covers.

Winter debris covers.

We supply them all, for a free quotation on any cover installation please contact us today.


If you are fed up with constantly vacuuming your pool why not invest in an automatic pool cleaner. We offer a wide range of pool cleaners to suit all budgets and pool types, new models arrive every year so please contact us for more information on these products, and discuss the correct cleaner for your pool configuration.

There are now so many pool cleaners on the market with prices ranging from £100 to over £3000, but they all work in a different way and are not all suitable for your swimming pool. So please let us help with your choice so that you choose the best cleaner for your pool.

For a competitive and up to date price on any pool cleaner even if not shown here please contact us today.

Electrical systems

Is your electrical system safe, or just an accident waiting to happen?

Do your electrics look like spaghetti junction ?

Are they waterproof ?

Are there dangerous bare wires ?

Do you have an illegal installation ?

Are your cables the correct size ?

Is the system controlled by time clocks ?

Are there any safety features fitted 'RCCD earth trip's ?

Are there any circuit breakers protecting the system and equipment ?

For a competitive and up to date price on any electrical work please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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